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August 05, 2016

Best Socket Set – One Size Fits All

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Versatility Makes The Best Socket Set

Having a set of tools is always valuable. For anybody who has read Robinson Crusoe there is a section of the book that sums up the importance of tools. After Robinson is shipwrecked the ship surfaces off the shore, but there is not much time as the tide that brought the ship in can easily take it out to see again. Faced with this dilemma Robinson Crusoe takes items from the ship in order of priority. The highest priority items are tools. If you are ever in a situation where you need to pack light and you need tools – the more versatile the tool the better as it is less for you to carry. That makes this Gator Socket wrench pretty awesome as it replaces the need for a whole set of various sizes of sockets and the need to have metric and US standards down to a single socket. Give it a try and you’ll agree it’s one of the best socket sets you can buy.