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October 12, 2015

Number 1 choice of hunting video cameras

What is the number one choice of hunting video cameras?

hunting video cameras

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Safety is the highest priority when you are out hunting. When you have a weapon in your hands you should not be trying to toggle your phone camera and weapon at the same time. This is for your safety and the safety of everyone in your hunting party. If you want to capture your hunting expedition then you need a hunting video camera that is hands free. The best practice for making a video to capture the hunt is to just have a camera rolling the entire time. You can easily download the video file and edit out all the parts you don’t want – thus making the movie shorter and covering only the highlights that you want to share with everyone. The GoPro camera listed below even comes with software to make your editing experience trivially easy. The GoPro HERO4 SILVER is the most used camera for all sorts of outdoor activities and this is the best choice of all the options for hunting video cameras. They are very robust, can handle getting dropped, and even waterproof for wetter days. Because the GoPro cameras are so popular there are some excellent accessories. The accessories allow you to strap the camera to your head, chest, weapon, or trusty hunting dog. Being able to record the thrill of the hunt and preserve it in video is like taking a snapshot in time that you can enjoy forever.