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October 20, 2015

Lightest hiking water filter

lightest hiking water filter

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When you go hiking or backpacking your are really just exercising with style. The average person needs to consume eight glasses of water every day when you are not exercising, and even more if you do work out.Water weighs 8.34 pounds or 3.78 kilograms for every gallon. Having to carry the amount of water you need when hiking is heavy and makes the hike seem to take longer than it normally would. A great alternative to having to carry all the water yourself is to take a water filter you can use at any water source on your hike. I have used several water filters  for hiking and backpacking over the years. Some can output high volumes of water without needing to change the filter often, but the flow rate is very low. Other hiking water filters output water faster, but the filters need to be changed more frequently. Filters are often expensive – almost as expensive as the original unit in some cases. The downside to most of the hiking water filters I have used over the years is they are bulky and don’t fit easily in a pocket. Finding the lightest hiking water filter will make hiking just that more enjoyable as you don’t have to carry so much extra gear or added water weight to go out and enjoy nature.