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October 03, 2015

LED Flashlight Rechargeable


LED Flashlight Rechargeable

This is the Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight with Emergency Battery Backup – Black (2 pack). This flashlight is great for several reasons. The price is extremely reasonable. This flashlight has a solar rechargeable battery. The battery takes about 12 hours to charge, which then in turn is usable for about 12 hours. The reason this is a near one to one charge vs usage is because the LED’s are extremely powerful without using much voltage. The hybrid solar flashlight is balanced so that the if it rolls or falls in the water the solar cell will appear on top. This guarantees that the battery will be charged.  If the flashlight falls in the water that is ok as this LED flashlight is waterproof. I have used it snorkeling and diving in the past. This was waterproof ability was tested up to at least 10 meters. The flashlight does not need to be in direct sunlight to charge. As indicated below the flashlight was charging off of the light from a bedroom. This can hold charge for up to three years after it’s fully charged. The backup battery will last for seven years on the shelf. One would be great to store in a backpack and one next to your bed. The flashlight is also very durable. I dropped one from a ridge I was hiking for about 100 meters. Minus some scuffing that normally happens to the plastic the flashlight still held a charge fine, was able to charge without problems, and was still waterproof. Finally when buying this flashlight it comes with two of them.


The flashlight floats in the water, which makes it great for going rafting or boating with. Scuba diving with this LED flashlight works for shallow waters great, however as you dive deeper and deeper the buoyancy of the flashlight is greater making it harder to keep under water.
floats in the water solar side floats up floats in water

Light Status

LED flashlight charging status

With the middle light on this means that the LED flashlight is charging.

LED flashlight using backup battery.

The green light on the bottom/right means the flashlight is using the backup battery.

LED rechargeable solar battery in use.

The top yellow light means the flashlight is using the rechargeable solar battery.


I love this flashlight I have boughten several over the years. They make great stocking stuffers or gifts. Take it hiking, camping, boating, or wherever you need. The longevity of this flashlight definitely puts it at the top of the list for a prepper’s must have.
IMG_2657 IMG_2656