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October 14, 2015

Best hiking water bottle

What makes the best hiking water bottle

best water bottle for hiking

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Water weighs 8.34 pounds or 3.78 kilograms for every gallon. Most day hiking you will drink near a gallon of water – that’s a lot of extra weight that you don’t need to carry. Often times I love hiking to some pristine lake or beautiful waterfall. There is plenty of cold water just begging me to take a drink, and if you are gutsy without minding getting diarrhea feel free to drink any water when you are out hiking. Most of the water sources in America tend to be limited to just bacterial infestations. Very rarely does the US have viral outbreaks in the water. This makes it easier as you just need to have a filter for eliminating microbes. My personal favorite is a filter called a Life Straw. I have one in all my survival bags and take the Life Straw Water Bottle every time I go out. This is my hiking water bottle of choice. Nothing tastes better than clean mountain water freshly melted from the snow or coming out of the ground. Taking one water bottle that can filter along the way can save you from carrying an extra 24 pounds of water weight, thus making your hike that much more enjoyable. Not every place I go hiking has water. In fact most of the area where I live is desert. In these situations I need to pack extra water and I absolutely LOVE to have my water stay cold for the hike. The second bottle listed below is one I use and love. Truth be told if you are hiking in a desert – like Arches National Park – you are going to need several bottles of water just to keep from getting too dehydrated.