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October 03, 2015

Head Flashlight

Why should you buy a head flashlight

Head Flashlight Small and PowerfulJust like having a bluetooth dongle for being able to talk on the phone hands free, having a head flashlight can free your hands when out and about in the dark. Just imagine you are hiking at night and need to carry a flashlight. You are carefully watching where you are walking, but you look up for a second and then trip. You let go of the flashlight to help balance yourself. You are fine, but your flashlight just fell down the edge of the trail and you cannot reach it. Hmmm . . . if only there was a solution. As facetious as that last comment is, there is a solution. Having a head flashlight gives you distracted free light, giving you the ability to enjoy the dark. One of the biggest benefits of a head flashlight is wherever you look the light automatically follows. Having a flashlight you have to always coordinate the light direction and where you are looking. Another important quality┬áI have found a head flashlight needs to have is to be small and light. If the head flashlight is bulky or heavy it is not as easy to use and sometimes the straps start to cover your eyes. The LUMINTOP HL01 Best Cree LED Headlamp Flashlight is one of the best head flashlight’s you can buy.


  • Output light strength that ranges from low moonlight to high.
  • When at high output the head flashlight has 610 lumens.
  • When at low output the head flashlight has .8 lumens.
  • Battery life can range from 30 days to 1.5 hours depending on strength used.
  • This is water proof. Don’t worry about getting rained on.
  • Beam shines 101 meters away.
  • The head flashlight swivels up and down to give you more light in concentrated areas. I.E. If you are walking in the dark and want to see where you are walking you can angle the head flashlight down rather than always having to look down.