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October 03, 2015

Best Flashlight Holster For Cheap

Why do you need a flashlight holster

Generic Flashlight HolsterAny important tool that you need access too should be in a place that is quick to reach. For example, cops keep their walkie talkies, guns, maize, batons, and flashlights on their belts. If you are going any where in the dark then you most definitely need a flashlight. Keeping this flashlight on your belt for quick access may be the difference between life and death. You don’t want to be walking in the middle of the night and trip over obstructions, or if you hear an animal near you. Some flashlights come with a holster in them already, but if you prefer to use your own flashlight then you need a generic holster. This flashlight holster will fit most generic sizes. I have used this with a  MagLite C-Size and it worked just fine. I used a friends SureFire Z2L-BK Z2 CombatLight LED 80 Lumens and it fit in this flashlight holster. Having it with a snug fit is the best. You do not want the flashlight ever falling out. The mesh material stretches to fit slightly larger flashlights.


Flashlight Holster Size

The “back” part that holds the clip is 6″long. The part the wraps around the flash light is 2-1/8″. The width of the back is 2″. The part that secures the flashlight is also 2″ but expands to the size of your light. One drawback of the holster is if you stretch it to fit a larger flashlight the material does not always shrink back down to it’s original size. They are cheap enough that you can buy two of them.