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October 17, 2015

Dog camping supplies

Man’s best friend

Camping is an excellent chance to get away from the normal day to day grind of computers and working. When you plan your next camping trip plan on taking your dog. Most camping sites allow dogs on leashes and almost all hiking trails allow pets. When I go camping I make sure I have prepared everything for my family (including our little shitzu Kola). Having an emergency and not being prepared is one way to really tarnish a vacation getaway. In order to make sure my dog and family have a good memorable time I make sure I have the following list items when we go camping.

Dog camping supplies

Do I really need all this stuff?

Dog camping supplies list

  • Poop bags – Left over plastic shopping bags work the best. Most hiking trails and campsites are dog friendly. Just be polite and pick up your dog’s poop.
  • Dog food – Pack your normal dog food in a bag. Your dog will eat this plus any leftovers from your camp cooking.
  • Backpack for dogs – There are several type of backpacks you can put on your dog when you go hiking. Some of the dog backpacks have lots of extra pockets and room, ranging from sizes from small to extra large depending on your dog’s size. Having your dog carry its own food and water helps lessen everything you need to carry when hiking.
  • Long leash – A longer leash is used when you are at your campsite to give your dog a larger radius of free roaming. These longer leashes can be something as simple as a rope cut to a desired length and tied to a bench or tree.
  • Walking leash – You will want a shorter leash for going on hikes or walks. All dogs love hiking and are great at it. You will just need to keep them under control because they will want to run everywhere and mark their territory with every chance they get.
  • Feeding bowl(s) – One bowl can be sufficient for your dog’s food and water (just not at the same time). One item that my wife and I love for our dog is a portable bowl set that goes flat and stores easily when we aren’t using it.
  • First Aid for Dogs – We have first aid kits for our families – dogs just need a few extra items.
    • Tick Medication – Ticks are very easy to contract in tall grasses.
    • Flee medication – Being around other pets your dog can easily contract flees.
    • Deworming pills – Dogs can pick up worms in public areas very easily. If another animal in the area has had worms and your dog decides to roll through it’s feces there is a chance your dog will contract worms.
    • Dog probiotics – For diarrhea or dog allergies. Ultimately helps digestive problems.
  • Old towel – Often times if you take your pet out hiking or walking it will get very dirty. When you are done camping and on your way home it will be nice to have an old towel or blanket for your dog to sit on, thus preventing the dog’s dirt from getting everywhere. Also if you go hiking anywhere with water you will need something to help keep your dog dry and stop it from spreading mud and filth to everything else.
  • Dog snacks – You are out to have a good time, why not your dog? Any small snacks or chew bones are an added bonus for man’s best friend.
  • Clothes – Sometimes in the high mountains the temperature gets cold fast at night. My dog doesn’t have a lot of insulation on him and we take a few extra dog clothes for him to help keep him warm.