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October 22, 2015

Best Small Flashlight

tk120 tactical best small flashlight
There are so many flashlights available for sale. What qualities exactly make any flashlight the best small flashlight. Growing up my dad collected so many flashlights. We were never more than a meter away from a flashlight in our house. We had a flashlight for every occasion. Such occasions included going camping, walking in town, emergency kits for the cars for winter and summer, flashlights to fit in backpacks that I would take to school, hunting, and so many other situations for which my dad would prepare. Over the years we have gained a little bit of experience for various situations and learned what we need in a flashlight for those situations. The following is a list of requirements any flashlight we buy needs to have in order be be considered the best small flashlight:

  • High Lumens – There are plenty of flashlights that fit on keychains or plug into USB drives. These run off a single low voltage LED. A good flashlight needs to have enough brightness (lumens or candlelights) to be useful. The more focused the lumens are the farther the light can travel.
  • Small (obviously) – Needs to be small enough to fit in a pocket. A flashlight that barely fits in your pocket means that it does not easily go in or come out. A flashlight needs to be small enough to be loose inside of your pocket so you can retrieve it with ease and speed. A small flashlight should also be easy to use in one hand and not be a two hand size.
  • Battery Longevity – The flashlight needs to either have rechargeable batteries or the batteries need to last a long time. Having to replace batteries often is really a crappy attribute for a flashlight. If the flashlight uses rechargeable batteries the flashlight should be able to charge without having to pop the battery out of the flashlight to recharge the battery and after it’s charged put it back in the flashlight. The flashlight needs to have some type of a removable power chord to charge the small flashlight.
  • Lifetime – The light needs to last a lifetime. This is suppose to be the best flashlight right and to be the best means you will never need to replace the flashlight because the bulb dies. Along with the bulb the actually flashlight needs to be made of high grade materials. A small flashlight is easy to drop. The best small flashlight needs to be very durable in various situations.
  • Weather Resistant – Often times you will be in situations that are damp or wet. The best small flashlight should not die under damp conditions.
  • Other Extra¬†Features – Does the flashlight have extra features? For example some flashlights have magnets to attach them to cars or refrigerators. Other flashlights have extra lights in the handle to use as a light bar. Sometimes you can discover features you never knew you couldn’t live without.


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